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Home to 1.3 billion people, already the second largest economy, China is the world’s great untapped economy.

When it comes to the manufacturing or retailing business in China, no one is better placed to help you than one of China’s most recognized logistics service providers: Settle Logistics.

As one of the leading international logistics solutions provider, Settle Logistics is a specialized logistics company capable of providing ocean shipping, air freight, customs clearance, commodity inspection, shipping insurance, consulting and much more related services. The company’s growth has been in step with the expansion of its two business stronghold, Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port in the past years. Settle Logistics’s professional team is composed of highly trained and experienced international logistics persons, customs clearance persons and so on.

With our logistics expertise, seamless service coverage, cutting-edge information system, know-how and know-who, Settle Logistics pioneers in providing customized and integrated logistics solutions to many global corporations which facilitate their penetration into the China market.

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